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Mineral resources and development in the Russian

Mineral resources and development in the Russian Arctic N.L. Dobretsov *, N.P. Pokhilenko V.S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of

2019-9-28 · Natural resources of the Arctic are the mineral and animal natural resources within provide or have potential to provide utility or economic benefit to humans. The Arctic contains significant amounts of minerals, boreal forest, marine life and fresh water...

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Sustainable development of the Russian Arctic regions

2015-4-30 · Sustainable development of the Russian Arctic regions N. Didenko, D. Skripnuk, K. Kikkas & O. Seeleva St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia Abstract The paper describes a model of six econometric equations, which is used for the analysis of development sustainability of Chukotka autonomous district one of

Mining Industry In The Barents Euro-arctic Region View To The Future (IMIC BEAR) Kirovsk: Sustainable development of the mining complex is one of the most important priorities for the development of the Russian Arctic. At the same time, the development of mining industries is impossible without Conference Building & Construction Minerals ...

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Oil and Gas of the Russian Arctic: History of

At the same time, more than 90% of our gas and 10% of oil comes from the deposits in the Russian sector of the Arctic. In this article, Alexey Kontorovich shares his vision of the present and future of the oil-and-gas industry in the northern regions of Russia and the main lessons of the development of the unique Arctic hydrocarbon resources.

2019-5-27 · The Arctic contains a wealth of petroleum and mineral resources. Currently, the region produces about one tenth of the world's oil and a quarter of its natural gas. The Russian Arctic is the source for about 80 percent of this oil and virtually all of the natural gas....

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Mineral potential of the Russian Arctic: state and

Mineral potential of the Russian Arctic: state and efficient development Yu.G. Safonov * Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, 35 Staromonetnyi per., Moscow, Russia Received 21 May 2009 Abstract The metallogeny of the Russian Arctic zone, with a high potential for U, platinum-group metals, Au, Sn, trace elements, etc., in its

It is shown that the mineral resource potential of the Arctic circumpolar metallogenic belt is primarily controlled by large and unique deposits of nonferrous, noble, and rare metals. The prospective types of economic strategic metal deposits in the Russian Arctic Zone are shown....

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Northern Pivot: Why the Arctic is Set to Become

Last week, President Putin took part in the fourth International Arctic Forum in Arkhangelsk, northern Russia. As Russian business news portal Expert Online points out, the area is at the crossroads of a third wave of large-scale economic development in the region. In addition, several factors make the present wave of development unique.

2019-10-14 · Written by: Alexandra Middleton The updated Maritime strategy of the Russian Federation for the period till 2030, published 30 August 2019, replaces an older version dating back to 2010.The decision to update the strategy was made after the adoption of Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation in 2015....

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Strategic mineral resources of the Russian Arctic

Request on ResearchGate | On May 1, 2015, N. S. Bortnikov and others published Strategic mineral resources of the Russian Arctic

2019-9-17 · More than 66% of Russian gold production comes from just six eastern regions (Amur, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Magadan, and Sakha-Yakutia). During the past 4 years, foreign companies have controlled 15% to 18% of Russian gold production, which was the largest share held for any commodity in the Russian mining industry....

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The Implications of U.S. Policy Stagnation toward the

The Alaskan North Slope contains some of the country's largest oils fields and natural gas fields; the 2016 value of its mineral industry was $2.83 billion 3; and fisherman landed $5.4 billion of fish and shellfish in 2017. 4 Alaska's economic activity has been subdued for the past several years due to lower global energy prices. The state

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Mineral resources and development in the Russian Arctic | The paper concerns issues of geology and metallogeny of the Russian Arctic, namely, (i) limits of the ...

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Mineral resources and development in the Russian

Mineral resources and development in the Russian Arctic N.L. Dobretsov *, N.P. Pokhilenko V.S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of

Last week, officials from over a dozen countries gathered in Arkhangelsk, Russia for the international forum 'The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue'. Among the forum's senior participants was Russian nuclear energy giant Rosatom. Officials from the company and from the government previewed Rosatom's role in the new wave of intensive Arctic development....

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For all of Russia's talk about oil drilling in the Arctic

2019-4-24 · Arctic, Fossil fuels, Gas, Oil. For all of Russia's talk about oil drilling in the Arctic, most Arctic oil will likely go untouched. Despite owning some 80 percent of the oil and gas resources tucked under the Arctic shelf, as well as a bulk of explored reserves, Russia has so

2015-8-3 · Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Federal Agency on Mineral Resources Ministry of Natural the geomorphological continental shelf of the Russian Arctic ...

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ARCTIS | Arctic Mineral Resources

Institutional Conditions in Arctic Frontiers: The Case of Mining in Greenland, Russia and Norway the environmental protection measures applied to the Russian mineral sector are weaker and the governance tradition is clearly more centralised than is the case in Greenland or Norway. The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry. (2013

2014-2-5 · The mining industry's new-found responsibility and imposition of tighter environmental safeguards could serve as an example to other industries eyeing up development of the Arctic, argues an industry ...

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Hierarchy and Development in the Russian Arctic

2018-6-21 · One Arctic economics expert who can help explain it is Alexander Pelyasov, a professor at Moscow State University and a long-time consultant for the Russian government. We spoke about the interaction between large-scale industry, local initiative, and global processes within the specific federal administrative structure of the Russian Arctic.

In focus are the challenges and priorities of industrial development in Russia and the policy of the mining companies in the Arctic Region of the Russian Federation. The feature of the Russian Arctic industry is its extreme corporatization, which is typical of the primary industries on the global level as well. Up to 80 % of production belongs to the largest companies of the petroleum industry ...

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Sustainable Development of the Russian Arctic zone

The objective of this paper is to develop the concept of sustainable development of the Russian Arctic zone energy shelf within the framework of the Quintuple Innovation Helix Model which focuses on university-industry-government relations, public and civil society, and the natural environment.

international arctic petroleum cooperation barents sea

2017-7-15 · International Arctic Petroleum Cooperation: Barents Sea scenarios The Arctic region contains large amounts of natural resources considered necessary to sustain global economic growth, so it is unsurprising that it is increasingly

Food and water security issues in Russia II: Water

2013-12-9 · Food and water security issues in Russia II: Water security in general population of Russian Arctic, Siberia and Far East, 20002011 and drinking water are highly contaminated by chemical and biological agents. Full-scale reform of the Russian water industry and water security system is urgently needed, especially in selected regions.