sewage purification plant and process thereof

sewage purification

Sewage purification plant and process thereof. eurlex. Work in sewage purification installations. Showing page 1. Found 340 sentences matching phrase "sewage purification".Found in 8 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. They come from many sources and are not checked.

(Cl. 210-442) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A sewage treatment plant for the treatment of sewage by the activated sludge process of sewage purification and which utilizes two tanks or basins with either functioning as an aeration tank and while the other functions as a separation tank....

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Sewage treatment

2019-10-15 · Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from municipal wastewater, containing mainly sewage plus some industrial wastewater.Physical, chemical, and biological processes are used to remove contaminants and produce treated wastewater (or treated effluent) that is safe enough for release into the environment.A by-product of sewage treatment is a semi-solid waste

Not all of these chemicals are completely removed in sewage treatment plants, so the chemicals are released into rivers, lakes and marine waters. In addition, some waste may be released or spilled into aquatic ecosystems without any treatment. The effects of sewage pollution on marine life impact organisms throughout the food chain....

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p 3,1969 J.S.BYE-JORGENSEN ETAL 3,468,795 . PROCESS AND PLANT FOR BIOLOGICAL PURIFICATION OF WASTE WATER AND SEWAGE Filed llarch 15, 1968 v I i I I a l United States Patent US. Cl. 210-7 3 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A contact aerator used for purification of sewage or industrial waste water is provided with air admission and distributing means working in a

A record system has to be developed which should be realistic and applicable to the operating problems involved in the Transmission system. Management must be clear as to why the data/ information are collected, as to who will review the data and who will respond to the results of review. The most efficient way to keep records is to plan what data is essential and then prepare the formats ...

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sewage treatment plant

Many translated example sentences containing "sewage treatment plant" German-English The Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB has developed an energy-efficient high-load process for the Within a complex purification cycle of a sewage treatment plant, the installations of the G+R

2012-6-6 · Operation & Maintenance (O & M) manual for that particular plant, on completion of the project. The chief plant operator must be able to be completely informed of the details, the operation and the maintenance of the plant without having to revert back to the Consulting Engineer or to the respective equipment suppliers. 2. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS...

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Method of purifying wastewater and sewage

The sewage treatment plant is preferably a small sewage treatment plant, in particular having a purification output for 1 to 5000 persons (up to a resident figure of 5000). Our sewage treatment plant has at least one activation tank for wastewater. In this the wastewater is

The objective of improving the supply standard was achieved: The connection rate in the small rural programme locations is 90% on average, the average consumption of around 120 l/c/d lies along the upper limit of an acceptable average consumption but still within the limits of the consumption of 100 to 150 l/c/d assumed at the time of appraisal; the improvement of the supply of the...

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US2188162A US19165438A US2188162A US 2188162 A US2188162 A US 2188162A US 19165438 A US19165438 A US 19165438A US 2188162 A US2188162 A US 2188162A Authority US United States Prior art keywords sewage tank contact clarification contact surfaces Prior art date 1938-02-21 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion....

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US Patent for Detergent made use of fermentation

A process for producing soap is provided, which includes effective microorganisms (EM) and EM-X ceramic powder, which are added to enhance the degree of saponification of fat, strengthen the cleaning power, and to provide a detergent that is capable of proliferating effective microorganisms in sewage water after washing and cleaning the sewage water, and which exhibits an effect as a water

2016-12-2 · a modified solvay process, and uses thereof for processing co2-containing gas streams and for desalination wo2007139392 2007-12-06 sewage purification and power supply cn1843948 plant and process for desalting marine water by reverse osmosis, by means of hydrostatic pressure. ...

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CPC Scheme

TREATMENT OF WATER, WASTE WATER, SEWAGE, OR SLUDGE Nature of the water, waste water, sewage or sludge to be treated [2013-01] C02F 2103/001. {Runoff or Downstream control, i.e. outlet monitoring, e.g. to check the treating agents, such as halogens or ozone, leaving the process [2013-01] C02F 2209/005. Processes using a programmable

2015-8-28 · Sensitive areas and large and medium-sized irrigated areas should be equipped with aquatic plant communities, grilles and permeable dikes as well as facilities such as ecological ditches, sewage purification ponds, surface runoff collecting and storing pools by...

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Design, Build & Operate 20 MLD Tertiary Sewage

2017-10-27 · Design, Build & Operate 20 MLD Tertiary Sewage Treatment Plant (02 Nos.) to treat Secondary treated sewage from Kopar For any query regarding online tendering process feel free to call on Helpline no.: 020-25315555 assigning any reason thereof. City Engineer Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation .

2016-3-14 · The wastewater from the washing process in the working clothes laundry is carried from the washing machines to a pump sump. There, special wastewater feed pumps are mounted, that use level control to carry the water to the wastewater stacking tanks via a sieving machine for lint removal. Ideal treatment of laundry wastewater...

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The invention relates to a method for the biological treatment of effluents contaminated with impurities of urban or industrial origin, characterised in employing a single aeration tank (1) with a high mass charge in which the raw effluent or mechanically pre-treated effluent is mixed without previous decantation with a free microbial culture of the activated sludge type, growing in a lightly

2011-3-13 · The process line-up also offers good prospects for carbon dioxide sequestration schemes. reactors were then scaled up for verification testing at Shell's Harburg plant (150 t/d), Germany, and at the Shell Deer Park plant (250400 t/d), USA....

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Method for preparing of sewage water for aerobic

FIELD: treatment of domestic and industrial sewage water for aerobic biological purification process for removal of organic and mineral contaminants, may be utilized in large-scale and average-scale purification stations.

2010-2-11 · Plant and procedure thereof for the purification of sewage that enables the sewage to be purified and energy to be obtained, and at the same time enables a product to be obtained given by the combination of organic residues and fibre filters, appropriate, for example, to supply a plant for breeding earthworms, or for different types of agricultural crop....

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Introduction of Pilot Plant,Changsha Boneng Technology Co

Introduction of Pilot Plant,Changsha Boneng Technology Co., Ltd.,、Introduction for Pilot PlantSpecification for pilot column: &Phi1200×7500mmFunction: test of hydromechanics and mass transferperformance for plate column and packing column、R&am

Sewage-water purifying process

1988-3-22 · A water purifying method, particularly a sewage purification method, for eliminating nitrogen therefrom, in which (a) the water is subjected to a preprecipitation process with the aid of trivalent and/or multivalent metal salts for prereduction of incoming contaminants; (b) the NO 3 present is reduced to nitrogen gas by anaerobic fermentation, in which readily decomposed organic material