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2008-10-7 · As an expert in producing stainless steel ball valve, check valve, globe valve, gate valve and strainer, the company was granted ISO9001 certificate by Germany TUV agency. The modern equipments and advanced technology ensure good quality of our products which are exported to Europe, America and the other countries all over the world.


2011-3-7 · China's Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises 2008500 China's Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises Ranked by Import and Export Value,2008 1

2009-7-1 ·  Beijing Boarding Arts & Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Address:Caiyu Economic Development Zone Daxing District, Beijing, China Post code:102606 Contact person:David He

The Controlling Index for Industrial Project Construction

2004-11-1 · Promulgation Date:2004-11-01 Promulgation Number:2004110120041101The Ministry of Land and ResourcesCircular of the Ministry of Land and Resources on Promulgating and Implementing Controlling Index for Industrial Projects Construction

2014-10-13 · Key products include water pump housing, clutch discs, pads, valve and bearing housings, oil pump housings, flanges, brackets, counterweights, pedals and etc. Currently the company has 8 casting lines, 260+ computerized processing machines 3 physics

Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China

Used in processing the upsetting and rolling ball billet. High cutting efficiency and processed steel ball can be directly conducted with heat treatment without grinding. China Export Statistics (2014) :

2009-3-16 · Key Product / Services Steel water storage tanks upto 2000 cubic metre capacity for irrigation, Burner Systems for Carpet Web Processing subject to specification from GBP 30,000 Impregnation & Coating machines from GBP 55,000 Bonding & Laminating

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2003-6-2 · Anti-crush oil pipe for superdeep well 4 Pipeline steel of X70 and above 5 Purified, Ocean Inspection Technology 44 Ship-borne weather instrument 45 Flux gate compass and potentiometer compass 46 Glass floating ball (net buoyancy>25kg, Depth no 47

2008-5-22 ·  Flat-rolled products of other silicon-electrical steel, of a width of 600 m m or more, at frequency of 50 Hz and magnetic flux density of 1.5 Wb/m2, the iron loss 6.5 W/kg or more


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